Art is linked to the person who interprets it was one of the creation premises of Tino Fernandez dancer, director, choreographer and dance figure in Colombia, who died last Friday, January 17 in Bogotá, after a medical complication due to lymphatic cancer.

His latest assembly, Visceral, gives an account of his particular form of creation, where he took the talent of each of his interpreters to the limit. A piece of contemporary dance that explores the vital drives that make us human and that, from the talent of its creator, were transformed into beautiful and precise choreographies.

His death, unexpected and lamented by friends, family, dancers, actors, managers, artists and the general public, who for more than thirty years closely followed a career full of unique and transgressive pieces, where the dance was the tip of the iceberg of the emotional flow and movement.

The excuse to talk about human complexities, now give their support to their adventure partner, playwright Juliana Reyes, who assumes the direction of the L’explose Foundation, from which the dance company emerges with the same name and the scenic space La Factoría.

Fernández, Spanish by birth and Colombian by choice, founded L’explose in 1991 in Paris (France), but it was in Colombia where he consolidated his artistic work. He met Reyes in the halls of the National Theater House in 1999, the date from which they had not separated.

A relationship that transcended the scenic to become an honest and creative friendship that would define them as artists and people, from where they emerged more of thirty productions. Juliana tells us about the main challenges to keep her memory alive.

Tino did not like to be defined in a style, he was a man for whom the risk was fundamental. He always sought not to repeat himself, in the creations there was a particular elegance, a subtlety, a minimalism of resources, going to the essentials, to simplicity, but always from the search for novelty.


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