According to documentary evidence, the financing of this false NGO would come from Colombians abroad and own resources of the DA and their representatives would be members of the General Intelligence Directorate of that organization.

In notebook 126 of the file of the Delegated Prosecutor’s Office 11 before the Supreme Court of Justice, it is described that the nucleus of direct support for the work of that group would be Mr. José Miguel Narváez and Rafael.

The same battalion that was raided on December 18 by order of the Supreme Court and that the magazine Semana mentions as one of the centers of illegal follow-up in its article “Chuzadas without barracks”. One of the men who participated in the illegal operations ensures that the information was delivered “to a recognized politician of the Democratic Center.”

Nieto Loaiza, a prestigious lawyer, former Minister of Interior and Justice of the Uribe Vélez government and virtual presidential candidate of the Democratic Center, has emphatically declared that he is not the “recognized politician of the Democratic Center” referred to by the source cited by Week .

Of course, he acknowledges that his statement has not convinced everyone. In his most recent column, “Las chuzadas y el CD”, Nieto Loaiza narrates: “The director of Semana , when asked if it was not me who would have received that information, did not deny. He said he could not confirm it because they ‘lack evidence’. As a good understanding few words are enough, I am clear that for Santos the ‘recognized politician of the CD’ is me ”.


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