With so many bills to pay and so many expenses in our daily lives, having an extra source of income to make some side cash is no longer an option. We all want means that will provide us with much needed extra cash to meet our daily living expenses.

This is especially true for those who are under heavy debt or want to meet their retirement fund target in time. There is so much more that you can do with the extra cash.

Here are the 10 best ways to make some side cash.

make some side cash today

1.   Consultation/Coaching to Make Some Side Cash

If you are skilled in something, why not make money out of it via consulting or coaching? Not only will it boost your bank balance, you will also gain satisfaction by helping others. This type of work will bolster both your self-esteem and your savings.

You can provide consultation in several key areas that have high demand. The catch is that you must possess the knowledge. Depending on your skill set and knowledge, you can provide consultation services related to legal advice, helping startups to take off, best practices for effective management and much more.

Flexibility and low cost are the chief benefits of consultation. The investment that you will make for such a business is minimal compared to most others. You can also set your own hours and work whenever you are free. You can even set it up as a home business.

2.   Freelancing to Make Some Side Cash

Freelancing is another flexible option for you since you can fix your own schedule. You do not need to invest much to start a freelance gig. Depending on your talent and abilities, you can choose to become a virtual assistant, make ads, design logos, build websites or write content.

Since there are so many job boards and freelancing platforms to choose from, getting good freelancing projects should not be too hard.

3.   Use Your Vehicle to Make Some Side Cash

Instead of letting your vehicle stand idle, you can put it to good use and make some side cash in the process. There are now several sites like Getaround and Turo, for instance, where you can lend your vehicle in return for money.

If you wish to drive your vehicle yourself, you can work part time for ride hailing giants like Lyft and Uber. You can earn around $40 per hour to make some side cash. In fact, you can make plenty of side cash depending on how hard you work.

4.   Sell Unused Items

Almost all of us have plenty of unused items lying around. Instead of letting them go to waste, you can sell them online to make some side cash. Not only will you get cash, you will be pleased that the precious space in your closet or garage is finally free. Your home might even look cleaner and less cluttered.

With the advent of Craigslist and eBay, selling online is now as easy as you like. You can also engage in dropshipping for these sites where you will get a percentage of the sale for every item that you deliver.

5.   Coder

Although this might take time and effort, it is worth it in the long term because you can make some side cash with programming, in fact, quite a lot. By learning how to code, you can build apps and sell them on Google Play Store, for example.

As you become more proficient in coding, you might acquire enough skill to get a full-time job as a coder if that is what you prefer. The demand for coders is going to grow exponentially since the future for those with IT skills is very bright.

One key benefit of coding is that it may be possible for you to work conveniently from home.

6.   Affiliate Marketing

If you put in the effort, you can earn a good income through affiliate marketing. You can make some side cash by entering into an agreement with product manufacturers and sellers to market their products.

You place links for the product on your website and provide informative, relevant and valuable content that will motivate visitors to click on the link to buy the product. You can earn a commission for each click on your website links that result in a sale.

7.   Direct Selling

Direct selling is a tried and tested way of making some side cash. You can link up with companies that provide direct selling opportunities. This way, you can sell all kinds of products, such as pet accessories, supplements, cosmetics and much more.

8.   Micro Jobs

You won’t reap a fortune this way. But you can make some side cash by indulging in micro jobs. Although micro jobs don’t pay much, they are quite small and may last minutes or even seconds as their name suggests. You can finish as many micro jobs as you like to get some decent amount of cash. You can get started at Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.

9.   Hand Crafts

Artistic works and handcrafts carry high value in this era of technological advancements and automation. There is a high demand for accessories of all sorts, furniture, clothing, jewelry, and more. If you have the skill for handcrafting such items, then you can make some side cash through your artistic flair. You can launch your very own online shop at Etsy to this end. There are quite a few people who started such business to make some side cash. It proved so lucrative that it became their full-time occupation. Perhaps, you too could get lucky and make a living through a hobby that you are fond of.

10.                E-Book Publishing

If you have written a blog about a niche extensively, then you could gather all that information into one neat package in the form of a well-written eBook. This can help you to make some side cash. You could also write an eBook about any subject matter in which you have both experience and knowledge. So if you have worked in your field for several years, why not make some side cash by explaining how it is done? With experience, skill, and awards to your name, the eBook will carry credibility and might sell well.


Benjamin is a technology enthusiast. He formerly consulted and handled communications for multiple tech startups.  Now he works with the Xtrapoint Digital Network as a full-time journalist and is given the freedom to explore finance, history, and the arts.

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