One of these documents is a summary of all cases against the Colombian State in the IACHR from 1997 to 2004.

To neutralize this, the G3 launched an espionage operation for the lawyers who were carrying these cases, such as the José Alvear Restrepo Collective (Cajar), so they work in the file, among other evidences, emails of several of its members.

An organizational chart of its structure, profiles of its lawyers and reports of follow-up and espionage to its officials in San José, Costa Rica. (See Cajar Report ).

There is also evidence in the file that the G3 spied on the judges of the IACHR in that country and created a false NGO in San José called the Simón Bolívar Collective. (See Reserved ).

The facade was presented as a “non – governmental human rights organization that integrates Latin American solidarity around the respect for the fundamental principles of tod @ s I @ s Hispanic inhabitants of our continent.

With headquarters in San José (Costa Rica), although it has elite associations that contribute to its mission in Colombia, such as the Truth and Justice Corporation and the Colombian Information and Statistics Service for Conflict Prevention. ” (See Facade and real situation ).

“These last two organizations were also facades of the DAS in Colombia and from them smear campaigns were carried out against human rights defenders, trade unionists, journalists and members of the opposition.” according to Esti Prager. In the file there is also numerous documentation regarding these organizations. But we do not deviate from the espionage work that DAS did in Costa Rica.


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