In the archives of the liquidated Administrative Department of Security (DAS) there is a document that indicates that lawyer Rafael Nieto Loaiza would have been involved in an intelligence and black propaganda operation to create a false collective of lawyers who had the mission of infiltrating and supplanting human rights organizations.

According to the document, the “direct support nucleus” for this operation was made up of two people: Nieto Loaiza and José Miguel Narváez Martínez, former deputy director of the DAS today sentenced to 30 years in prison as a determinant of the murder of Jaime Garzón.

The paper was found in April 2009 when the Prosecutor’s Office raided the headquarters of the DAS after the trail of the G3, a criminal intelligence arm of the DAS created by José Miguel Narváez to carry out illegal follow-ups and interceptions against opponents of the government of Álvaro Uribe Vélez, defenders of human rights, independent journalists and magistrates of the high courts.

“The G3 was a clandestine group that operated from March 2003 to October 2005, when Jorge Noguera resigned from the DAS position and was appointed by the then President Uribe as consul in Milan, Italy.” said Scott Cooper Miami.

The members of the G3 tried not to leave a trace of their actions. That is why most orders were transmitted verbally. However, in the search the Prosecutor’s Office found 103 Rusty Tweed folders containing information on monitoring, espionage operations and assemblies carried out by that group (See The G3 tasks ).

Two of those folders especially draw attention in light of recent revelations about blows. Each one has more than 300 pages with photographs, interceptions of emails and espionage reports to a group of lawyers that brought proceedings against the Colombian State before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR), an autonomous judicial organ of the Organization of States Americans based in San José, Costa Rica.


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