start a home business

How to Start a Home Business

Several different reasons can tempt you to start a home business. Some business owners do it to escape from the daily grind...
Pay Off Farm Debt

Here are 3 Ways Farmers Can Pay Off Farm Debt

During these difficult times, it's getting extremely difficult for farmers to pay off farm debt. According to the USDA Economic Report, the...
LLc Owners Unemployment

Are LLC Owners Eligible for Unemployment Benefits?

For many LLC owners, working hard to grow their business and simultaneously juggling either full-time or part-time employment is the reality. The...


wastewater management resources

Why Wastewater Management Is Important

Wastewater management is essential for the human race to continue. Good water quality plays a crucial role in the improvement of social...
Antarctic Ice Walls are melting

How The Floating Antarctic Ice Walls Became Our #1 Weapon to Stop Climate Change

Antarctica is the coldest place on the planet and the Antarctic ice walls are one of our best lines of defense to...
California facing water shortage due to drought

Will Trump Deliver on His Plans to Deliver More Water to Drought-Stricken California?

Drought in California Intensifies, Leading to Water Shortage A punishing California drought during the months of January and...


Schindler's List

Schindler’s List Is Steven Spielberg’s True Emotional Masterpiece

The Story of Schindler's List Oskar Schindler is a vain and greedy German businessman who becomes an unlikely...
Magic City Miami Florida

A Review of Magic City: 4 Stars For Florida Sexy But Shortlived

Magic City is a 2012 mini-series set in the late fifties which chronicles the world of the Miramar Playa, a luxury Miami...
Scott Cooper Miami Connection

A Review of Miami Connection, 3.5 Stars For The Comedy Value

Miami Connection Is A Film We Love To Hate Is Miami Connection for you? If you are a...

Money Management

XtraPoint Football 1

Mustang Advisors Review: Thumbs Up For Credit Card Refinancing vs. Debt Consolidation

Mustang Advisors is one of our favorites. Credit card refinancing and debt consolidation is among the most popular options to ease your debt burden.
Hawkeye Associates Review

Hawkeye Associates Review: A+ For Debt Consolidation

Advertiser Disclosure: We accept compensation from some of the companies that appear on our site. More and more American...
Simple Path Financial Credit Card Hardship Plan Funding Credit Card Hardship Plan

Simple Path Financial and Dissapoints Compared To Credit Card Hardship Plan

Who is Simple Path Financial? Are you considering Georgetown Funding to put you into a credit card hardship plan? That may not be the...